I live and work in and around Ghent, Belgium. For me, being an artist is an active verb. As a human being, you are constantly interacting with your surroundings. This interaction gives you impressions, leading to conscious actions called art. Sculptures, drawings, paintings and other artistic realisations are thus a mark, a print of an ongoing process.

Works are available here:

While studing literature and arts, I found myself more drawn to the process of creation. I frequented the atelier of Igor Calsyn in NEST to study drawings of 19th century's masters. A more radical (in a positive sense) turn was the opportunity to work for Sara De Groeve in her artistic bronze foundry. Working with wax, silicones, plaster and bronze gave me the basis for further artisic developement. 

In my work I try to find a synthesis of antiquity and modernism in the large sense of the words. Classic excercises and techniques (like the Charles Bargue drawing course, moulding and casting, copying masters) are opposed to modernist thinking (concept, experiment, technology, progress).

Working with stone started on a sunny springtime afternoon in the garden of Kathelijne De Vriendt. She initiated me in the use of hammers, chisels and the process of taille-directe. I continued slowly to accustome this durable medium in Atelier Compaan, where I finished my stonemason's education trajectory. During the summer of 2020 I participated at the bildhauer symposium of the International Summer Academy in Austria.

Currently I work part-time as a stonemason for Atelier Compaan in Ghent. Our team is working on cemetery's ornementation, heritage restoration and marble applications in design objects. In september 2023 I started an apprenticeship in collaboration with sculptor Alexandre Callet subsidized by the Flemish government. For my free work I attend my own atelier in the Port of Ghent.

If you want to contact me, with an idea, request, question,... call me on +32499123384 or mail to hallo@sebastienvermeulen.be

Here below you find my official portfolio

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